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"The Perfect Fit Is Our Passion"

Club Fitting Menu

Visit our State of the Art "Flight Control Center" and experience what the best clubfitting technologies can do for your game.
We utilize fitting bays that are heated and covered and our climate controlled studio offers an indoor golf simulator experience with the ability to raise an overhead door and observe actual ballflight with launch monitor analysis.

feat. Trackman

Flight Control Fitting

A Flight Control fitting is designed for the player who desires the very best in fitting systems, launch monitor technology and fitting expertise. Our players will test equipment from golf’s major manufactures while being measured on the best technology in the world, The Trackman 4 or IIIe Launch Monitors. Your clubfitter will use our exclusive combination of technologies to monitor three-dimensional clubhead movement and the crucial element of ball flight from impact to landing. With your input and launch monitor analysis, we will make specific recommendations for Club Manufacturer, Shaft, Flex, Length, Lie Angle, Loft, Head Shape and Grip.

DRIVER $150.00
approx. 1 hour
IRONS $175.00
approx. 1-1.5 hours
Rebate with Purchase $75.00*
2 sessions highly recommended
Rebate with Purchase $150.00*
(* purchase within 30 days)

Great Fitting with no information overload

Clubworks Basic Fit

Our Basic Fit begins with a conversation with one of our clubfitters to learn about your game and determine the clubs to be tested. Your clubfitter will assemble the appropriate clubs based on the interview and you are able to test the clubs on our outdoor practice facility. When your testing is done your clubfitter will work with you to select the model that is best suited to your ballflight and swing characteristics along with the proper shaft, flex, length, lie angle and set make-up.

Irons, Driver or Fairway
20-30 minutes
Fee waived with purchase

Why guess what you can measure?

Wedge Fitting

Our Flight Control center allows players the ability to hit and measure ballflight from fairway grass, rough, tight lies and out of a bunker. We offer over 180 wedge demos with different lofts, bounce angles and sole grinds to determine the best possible wedges to include in your set.

With the advancements of the new drivers and golf balls, players have more scoring opportunities from 125 yards in. Our thorough and unique wedge fitting process uses ballflight and trackman data to assist in the perfect selection of clubs that represent 65% of your shots (proper ball selection will have a big impact here).
A comprehensive wedge fitting is imperative to a player’s overall scoring ability. Our wedge fittings follow a 4 step process:

1. Evaluate the player’s current wedges
2. Test bounce and grind performance from varying turf and from sand
3. Fit for sand wedge loft and spin
4. Fill gaps between wedges

Wedge Fit $55.00
*Included with iron fitting with iron & wedge purchase

Helping You Exceed Expectations

Clubworks Gap Fit

A gap fitting is designed to address how effectively the set covers different distances.  Utilizing our Trackman technology, we accurately measure carry distances. From this data, gaps and overlaps in the set are identified.  Solutions to these distance issues are then analyzed and usually include adjusting iron lofts, replacing long irons with hybrids or high lofted fairways, and adjusting or replacing wedges. Fees include club adjustments.

Clubworks Gap Fit $75.00

Fitting Menu: About

Putter Fitting


A Clubworks putter fitting starts with finding a head and weight that looks good to each player. We then laser sight to check for proper aim and alignment. Now we can check for length, lie and loft. We now adjust each putter to suit each players stroke and to achieve optimum roll.

No Charge with purchase


TrackMan Combine is a standardized test, enabling golfers to identify strengths and weaknesses – as well as compare their performance to other peer groups.
The TrackMan Combine consists of 60 shots, each of which is scored on a scale of 0-100. When the test is completed, every player receives:
✓ A TrackMan Combine score for every yardage
✓ An aggregate TrackMan Combine score
✓ A percentile ranking for each yardage - based on the selected peer group
✓ The average distance from pin at every yardage
✓ The average driver distance and accuracy

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